Mobile Commerce Enablement

  • Provide a complete mobile payment and wallet experience for your users.

  • Tokenize any payment credential and provide users’ with account information seamlessly within your app

  • Pay in app or in person with Apple, Google or Samsung Pay

  • Easily add merchants and backend payment systems to your ecosystem.


Complex Payment Ecosystem Management

  • Make your mobile app the center point of your users’ experience

  • Typically private commerce networks require many point of sale and backend payment system integrations. Each with unique evolving requirements.

  • Trove removes the complexity with consistent unified integrations for both user onboarding and transaction processing

  • Trove processes 3rd party stored value, prepaid bankcard and bring your own card bankcard transactions

Private Currency Issuance

  • Trove issues Apple, Google and Samsung Pay enabled private currency solutions.

  • Define your network and take advantage of Trove’s ability to issue open, closed or hybrid network solutions

  • Capable of limiting spending based on merchant and user spending rules


In-Stream Loyalty Tracking and Redemption

  • Define loyalty schemes and campaigns at the enterprise level, customize the loyalty  program down to the merchant level

  • Track loyalty on any transaction traveling through the Trove network

  • Enable the redemption model that works best for your mobile experience

Loyalty Progress.png

Real-time Commerce Intelligence

  • Plug your private commerce network into Trove and instantly gain access to real-time commerce intelligence

  • Watch your mobile strategy come to life with user onboarding and tokenization visuals

  • Understand patterns of usage within the network with real-time transaction volume comparisons

  • Proactively spot issues or successes enabling your team to make the most of your mobile commerce strategy